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We are dedicated to bringing you solutions for your Windows Vista operating system as well as support for Windows XP repair. On this site you will find a Vista repair Forum, Blog and many articles that relate to Vista repair as well as XP repair and general repair answers.

This is a FREE based site and we have many outside contributors. While we strive to only offer solutions it is always possible an answer found on this site may not solve your issue. We can not be held accountable for any actions you take. If you are concerned about solving your own issues we recommend using the paid service at because they are certified and have a NO FIX NO Fee guarantee. They can fix most issues for under a hundred bucks and offer great deals for computer tune-ups as well.

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Most Popular Articles : This virus has taken the web by storm. Millions are already infected and it's by far the hardest hitting fake security client to hit the web so far this year. You may also want to check out this other guide. : This is a great site we found that is dedicated to the removal of Security Tool. Security Tool is one of the most widely hit fake security programs this holiday season and shows no signs of slowing down. You can also check out this article as well. Both sites have some very good information to help people delete security tool. This guide covers the options for transferring data from your old XP computer over to a new Windows 7 computer. A XP to Windows 7 data transfer can be a bit of a challenge because of the large difference between the two operating systems but the software programs and suggestions found in this article should help to give you some insight on resolving this issue. Another good data transfer article covering what options are out there for transuding data from Vista to Windows 7. This is not for every day data transfer but for transferring data from an old Vista computer over to a new Windows 7 computer.

XP to Windows 7 File Transfer : Learn what the two best options for a successful XP to Windows 7 file transfer are. Tranferring your data from your old computer to the new one can be a challenge but here are some great options for you.

XP to Windows 7 Upgrade : This XP to Windows 7 Upgrade guide covers a little more in depth methods for how to do the XP to Windows 7 upgrade. We cover three different methods that will produce different results. If you are at a loss for what to do and not too tech savvy then this is a great article for you to read. Even if you never plan to do an XP to Windows 7 upgrade it's still great info to know for all you tech buffs out there.

Upgrade XP to Windows 7 : Learn how to upgrade your XP operating system to Windows 7 and still keep all your current software programs and files. That's right you don't have to wipe your hard drive in order to install Windows 7. Microsoft does not have a direct upgrade path but we found a solution that will work to upgrade XP to Windows 7

Windows Smart Security Removal : Windows Smart Security is a fake security software, also known as malware. Windows Smart Security is nothing more than an elaborate program to look like legitimate security software. This bad application is from the same family as Total Security, also a rogue program.

Windows Enterprice Defender : Windows Enterprise Defender is a misleading security application. It can be called a rouge program. It is from the same family as Virus Doctor. It is also a clone application of Windows PC Defender and Windows Protection Suite. This fake application (Windows Enterprise Defender) was designed to mimic the look of Microsoft’s own Windows Defender.

Security Central Removal : Security Central is a totally bogus program being advertised as a reliable security software. It is from the same family as XP Police Antivirus.

Macatte Antivirus 2009 Removal : MaCatte Antivirus 2009 is an attempt to exploit popularity of similar name of McAfee Antivirus, which is legit software. The MaCatte logo is practically identical to McAfee’s, and the program design incorporates a lot of McAfee-influenced elements.

Desktop Defender 2010 Removal : Desktop Defender 2010 is a very bad program, also know as a malware, from the Contraviro family. This rogue software boasts a GUI very interesting: it uses Windows Vista style and many design elements to make this threat more credible. Besides it has ripped the Clam AntiVirus database (Clam AV is an open-source AV toolkit. It is a legit program).

Cyber Protection Center Removal : Cyber Protection Center is a malware that impersonates Windows Security Center and promotes a misleading security application called Cyber Security. Per such Cyber Protection Center is a clone of Cyber Security.

Remove Green AV : Green AV is from the same makers of Green Antivirus 2009. Both clients claim to be an environmentally friendly company that donate part of the purchase money to charity. There are many different companies out there that have similar names and are legit. However no legit company out there sales a security product called Green AV. If you have this threat installed on your computer then you will want to remove it.

Windows PC Defender : Windows PC Defender try's to trick users into thinking it's the real Windows Defender product but it's far from it. This program is a clone of Smart Virus Eliminator. Here are the instructions on how to remove windows PC Defender

Home Antivirus 2010: Home Antivirus 2010 ia one of the most prominent fake antivirus programs out there. This fake security product is found on many different website's and often times it is installed with out the user even knowing. This home Antivirus 2010 removal guide is being made in an effort to help those infected out.

Remove Total Security : Total Security first came out in August of 2009. This fake client can be a bit difficult to remove. In most cases people who are infected with with this have a Trojan Downloader program as well that needs to be removed.

Green Antivirus 2009 : This fake client claims to be environmentally caring. It claims to give 2 dollars of every sale to a green cause. It's all just a scan. Read this guide to learn how to remove green antivirus 1009

Remove Personal Antivirus : Personal Antivirus is one of the worst fake security clients I have seen in a while. It is very hard to remove Personal Antivirus because it often times disables many security products and really dig's into your computer.

Remove Safety Center : Safety Center is another rouge security client that has just come out. This fake client is your normal scare ware program

Remove PC Antispyware 2010 : Our own PC Antispyware removal guide. This article has some newer files traces and should help in the removal of PC Antispyware 2010

Best Registry Cleaner: Learn what to look out for in a good registry cleaner. Your are not just looking for a program to clean the registry but also repair any damage. Most registry cleaning tools now a days are PC optimization tools.

PC antipyware 2010 Removal : Great guide on how to remove the fake PC antispyware 2010 client. Site even has a video showing you what this threat is as well as what you need to remove and the like.

XP to Windows 7 Data Transfer: Learn what your current options are for transferring data from XP to Windows 7 this is a great comparison of the best registry cleaners out there. Very well put together site that shows the top registry cleaners for XP and Vista.

Win Antivirus XP 2008 : How to Remove Win Antivirus xp 2008. A guide describing Win Antivirus xp 2008 removal procedures.

Old Computer to New Computer Transfer: Learn how to transfer you old computer files over to your new computer. XP to Vista Data transfer

Recent Vista Viruses Spotted Core Guard Antivirus 2009 removal guide. Talks about what this virus is and does Learn how to remove Antivirus 360 from your computer. This fake client tries to capitalize off of name recognition from Norton 360 Quick Health Antivirus 2009 removal guide. Yet another fake security client that is installed via a trojan downloader program How to remove Avcare guide. This viruses strain is one of the easier ones to remove manually. System Security removal guide. System Security is probably the most popular fake antivirus client of July 2009. Our readers have reported many different infections. This guide will teach you what System Security is and the manual removal procedure.

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